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Trending: Coronavirus patient watching sunset with doctor outside Wuhan hospital

A heartwarming picture of a 87-year-old coronavirus patient watching the sunset with his doctor outside a hospital in Wuhan is melting hearts on social media.

The doctor was taking the patient for a CT scan when he asked the elderly man if he wanted to stop and watch the sunset. The patient said yes, and then both of them enjoyed the moment.

A Twitter user with the handle @chenchenzh shared the picture of the endearing moment.

“Wuhan Uni hospital. A twenty-something doctor from Shanghai was taking an 87-year-old patient who’d been hospitalised for a month to take a CT scan. He asked if he wanted to stop to watch the sunset. He said yes. They enjoyed the moment together,” the caption read.

The photograph is being widely circulated on social media and netizens are in awe of it. “Human kind is so beautiful,” a Twitter user commented. “Fav pic of the day,” wrote another user.

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