Travel blogger fakes pregnancy bump to avoid excess baggage fee

A travel blogger faked pregnancy bump out of clothes and a laptop that wouldn’t fit into her luggage to avoid paying a $60 excess baggage fee.

Travel blogger Rebecca Andrews shared a step-by-step guide on Instagram showing how she created a fake baby bump with some of her clothes before flying on Australia’s Jetstar airline.

Her fake baby bump also managed to fool a mother at the airport and the airline staff.

“I have a small frame and decided pretending to be preggo was the most believable route to a successful hack,” Rebecca said.

Her plan worked until she was walking down the gangway and had to bend down to pick up her ticket.

“As I bent over to pick up the ticket, the shape of my laptop down my back suddenly became apparent,” she said.

An air steward noticed the laptop and Ms Andrews was forced to pay the excess baggage fee after all.

The Jetstar spokesperson found the trick to be “pretty wise”.