Town Holds Funeral For Crocodile That Died Of Bullet Wounds

An Australian town held a funeral service of a 100 year old crocodile, the famous crocodile hunter Steve Irwin's family thanked the community for caring about the huge crocodile.

The crocodile named Bismarck, was estimated to be up to 100 years old and had long been part of the seaside town of Cardwell, south of Cairns. He was found with bullet wounds on his head  near a boat ramp earlier this month.

Close to 100 people gathered at the town's foreshore where he was often seen.

The Irwin family thanked residents in a video for caring for crocodiles. Bindi Irwin said, "But I think the person who would have been most proud of you would be our dad. He was so passionate about protecting crocodiles and making sure that we have these modern-day dinosaurs around for future generations."

Crocodile "Bismarck" funeral

Residents organised the gathering to remember the "gentle giant". As a mark of respect several radio stations played songs simultaneously in memory of the reptile.

Resident Thea Ormonde said, "Poor old Bismarck, he never threatened anyone, he just did his own thing. Ate a few turtles. He never approached a human and in fact would make himself known, he was never stealth."

Meanwhile the police investigation continues, they were appealing for information. Police also took statements of eyewitnesses and were examining CCTV footage. The maximum penalty for illegally killing a crocodile was AUD$ 28,383.