Tornado Blades Through Alabama, 23 Killed

A powerful tornado blades through Lee County in Alabama killing 23 people in the path of destruction.

The sheriff Jay Jones called the tornado aftermath a “catastrophic,” the emergency crew are looking for the missing.

Some people received the warning five minutes before the tornado struck on Sunday afternoon.

The meteorologist say two tornados hit Lee County within a span of an hour.

Alabama Tornado, U.S.A

Close to a dozen tornadoes alerts were issued in the state of Alabama.

The damage at Lee County recorded was severe, with wind speeds up to 165 miles per hour.

This is the deadliest tornado in Alabama since 2011, Tuscaloosa-Birmingham tornado in 2011 left 200 people dead.

Lee County Coroner Bill Harris told that close to 20 people were missing, it’s unclear if they fled before the storm hit. They were still to check with their families.

Footage shows massive damage, the powerful winds piled up debris on the side of the roads.

Alabama Tornado, U.S.A

Close to 150 first responders are on site trying to look for survivors through the debris.

An airport along the Alabama-Georgia border was completely destroyed, close to 15 structures along with a fire station had come down.