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Tom Vadakkan left Congress to joins BJP due to dynastic politics?

On Thursday senior Congress leader Tom Vadakkan joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Vadakkan says he joined the BJP because he was deeply disappointed with the questions raised on the armed forces after the air strikes at the Jaish-e Mohammed terror camps in Pakistan’s Balakot.

Mr. Vadakkan served as a general secretary in the Congress party, and was a spokesperson of the party. He helped former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi build a media team when she was the party chief.

Vadakkan who was with the party for 20 years said, “If a political party takes such a position that is against the country, then I’m left with no option but to leave the party.” He accused the party of “dynastic politics” and said that “There’s no place in it for self-respecting people”.

Tom Vadakkan led the Congress Media Strategy until recently, he was sided to elevate Priyanka Chaturvedi and its chief Randeep Surjewala.

The BJP is most likely to promise him a ticket in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

(The Pigeon Express Opinion– Firstly, questioning the armed forces or the government to prove the impact of  the air strikes in Pakistan is not a sin. Every citizen of our nation has the right to know, what we did, no matter if it was successful or unsuccessful. Second, it’s natural for anyone to feel betrayed after being sidelined, specially when you put 20 plus years of your time without any rewards. I see Mr. Vadakkan’s jump as a political ambition, which is nothing wrong to have.)