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Tom Cruise is going to outer space in 2021 to film his new action-adventure movie

Tom Cruise will be going to outer space in October next year. The actor is known for his action-packed films, including his role as Ethan Hunt within the Mission Impossible franchise.

It was earlier learnt that Cruise was working alongside SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to film a new movie in space. The untitled movie will be the first movie shot in space. Cruise is in talks with NASA as well.

Space Shuttle Almanac, which covers space stories  confirmed that Cruise’s project has been greenlighted by all involved parties. The tweet highlights that Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria, who holds two NASA spacewalk records, will pilot the Axiom Space Station on a tourist mission in October 2021. When Axiom sets off for outer space, both Cruise and director Doug Liman will be on board.

Space Shuttle Almanac’s tweet is accompanied with an image showing the International Space Station’s manifest for the next three years. More specifically, October 2021 is marked with “Space X Crew Dragon Axiom Tourist Flight,” with Lopez-Algeria, Cruise, and Liman confirmed to all be on board.

In addition, the manifest shows that one seat on the tourist flight remains to be filled; while it’s unclear who will be taking that seat, the spot may be reserved for another producer or cameraman, in order to ensure that filming goes smoothly.

Although there are still a thousand more questions to be answered about Cruise’s project – which continues to remain nameless – it seems the pieces are slowly coming together.