Toddler found wandering streets on Christmas returned to family

A 2-year-old baby wearing only a diaper was found shivering and crying on a Bronx stoop Christmas morning – but soon reunited with his family thanks to a good Samaritan and the FDNY.

Neighbor Marlene Melvin, 40, spotted little Luis Angel on the stoop of a home on Irvine St. around 10 a.m. Wednesday, wearing nothing but a diaper and bib.

“There was a baby on the steps crying and crying, and as a mom instinct kicked in,” Melvin said. “He reached for me so I just picked him up.”

“It was freezing,” she added. “When I picked him up he was so cold. And being so cold he had to have been out there for at least 20 to 30 minutes.”

Melvin was on the way to her mother’s home after visiting her newborn child in the hospital when she noticed the tot. Melvin snatched the baby up and took him to her mother’s house across the street from where the baby was found.

Melvin happened to have extra outfits for her own 2-year-old son at her mother’s house, and so was able to quickly clothe the lost baby.

She then walked to the the FDNY Engine 94 firehouse.

“I dropped him off at the firehouse and was like, ‘Merry Christmas,’” she said. “It was a crazy morning. Timing, it was everything.”

Firefighters comforted the baby.

“It was a Christmas miracle,” said FDNY chief Paul Luffman of Engine 94. “The baby is as cute as can be and looked fine and was warm by the time we got him.”

EMTs took the baby to Lincoln Hospital for evaluation while firefighters went door knocking around where the baby was found to find his family. The family turned out to live in the very building where the baby was found sitting alone on the steps.

Authorities notified the child’s mom and the family were reunited at the hospital.

“I went out in the morning to buy juice for the baby and I must have left the door open and the baby went outside,” mother Lucenny Guzman, 21, told the Daily News after she was reunited with little Luis. “I’m with him now . . . I’m glad he’s fine and doesn’t have anything wrong.”

Guzman’s 14-year-old sister Celine was asleep in the apartment when little Luis wandered away.

“When he’s alone he walks around,” said Celine. “I didn’t know until the firemen told me.”

No charges have been filed, according to police.

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