To avoid wedding Chinese man robs nightclub to get arrested

A Chinese man identified as ‘Chen’, was so sure he did not want to get married, tried something that takes ‘cold feet’ to another level: robbery, and arrest.

Chen to get deliberately arrested in a bid to evade his marriage hoping that his girlfriend wouldn’t want to marry a thief!

According to LadBible, Chen went into a dance studio on Huashan Road in Shanghai and allegedly stole a Bluetooth speaker, worth a sum of $230.

He was very well aware of the fact that the police will hunt him down for the alleged theft and on interrogation, he revealed with all honesty why he undertook the stealing.

He admitted to the Xinhua Road Police Station, “My girlfriend wants to marry me, but I don’t want to marry her. I knew I would be caught. I actually wanted to walk away, but I was angry.”

His confession definitely took the police by surprise, adding on to which he said, ” I knew you would find me, though I didn’t think it would be so fast.”

However, it hasn’t be known for how long he will remain in custody for the minor offence and whether the marriage has been called of following the act.

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