Tiny asteroid to flyby Earth on eve of US presidential elections

American space agency, NASA on Saturday said that  an asteroid identified as 2018VP1 is heading towards planet Earth.

In a release NASA said that the there is a 0.41 per cent chance of the 6.5 feet-long asteroid hitting the planet. This prediction was based on 21 observations of the asteroid over the course of 12.968 days.

The asteroid is expected to pass near Earth on the eve of November 2, the day of the US presidential election, said the Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS).

Responsible for observing asteroids it counts as Near Earth Objects (NEOs), the CNEOS software detects their approach. “As they orbit the Sun, NEOs can occasionally approach close to Earth,” the agency which is part of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory says on its website. It goes on to add, that a “close” passage astronomically can be very far away in human terms, millions or even tens of millions of kilometers.

First discovered at the Palomar Observatory in California in 2018, asteroid 2018VP1 is not considered a “potentially hazardous object”, according to NASA

Just earlier this month, an asteroid the size of an SUV flew past Earth. Asteroid 2020 QG that passed 2,950 kilometres above the southern Indian Ocean was the closest an asteroid has come to the planet.