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TikTokers burn snow to prove Texas snowstorm is some sort of government conspired trick

A new internet conspiracy theory was floated on TikTok this week where Texans are trying to prove the snow that fell during the snowstorm is ‘not real’.

Residents from Texas are taking to TikTok and trying to show how a snowball is not melting into water right away when they try to burn it.

Since it does not ‘melt’ the snow is fake and is some sort of government conspired trick, according to these TikTokers.

However, the scientific explanation fo this is that, all snow reacts to fire this way through a process called sublimation under which the solid snow turns into a gas.

According to American media the theory started trending in Texas state since the untimely snowstorm that hit Texas last week.

In another trending theory some people are alleging that Bill Gates played a role in this ‘fake snow’. The search ranked high among Texas-snow-related Google searches

Bill Gates was also in the centre of another conspiracy theory that claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine comes with a microchip that will be inserted inside people so that the Microsoft founder can control them.