TikTok US ban ruling to be made day after presidential elections

A US court will hear if it should go ahead with the ban on TikTok or not on the 4th of November, a day after the US elections.

If allowed to proceed, the ban would come into effect on November 12.

Donald Trump had announced a plan to block TikTok in August, but a ruling prevented his administration from forcing off Apple and Google’s app stores.

Judge Carl Nichols wrote at the time that while there was ample evidence that China presented a national security threat, it was less clear that TikTok itself posed a risk.

The president has indicated he will allow it to continue only if Oracle and Walmart take control.

However, China may yet block such a deal from happening by forbidding Bytedance from selling some of its technologies to foreign businesses.

TikTok has millions of users in the US.

ByteDance has denied that Beijing could force it to provide access to its data, saying it is stored outside China’s jurisdiction in the US and Singapore.

A partnership with the retailer Walmart and database specialist Oracle would create a new company dubbed TikTok Global, with its headquarters in the US.