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TikTok influencer counts Jeff Bezos’s total wealth in individual rice grains

Jeff Bezos’s is worth is $116 billion and as harmless the number looks, it’s a huge, huge amount, making Jeff Bezos the world’s richest.

A TikTok star, had a great way of showing just how much it looks like in bulk. The unit of measurement? Rice.

TikTok star Humphrey Yang, who is also entrepreneur and a freelancer from Silicon Valley measured Jeff Bezos’ wealth in rice grains.

With each grain of rice representing 100,000 dollars he posted a video showing how much just 1 billion dollars looked like.

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Yang’s first rice TikTok went viral on Twitter, as people used it to show comparison of wealth.

And then on popular demand, showed how much wealth Jeff Bezos had.

In the second video, he went to buy a food scale, weighed the pile of rice (so he wouldn’t have to count it again) did some serious rice grain math, then bought two more giant bags of rice to measure it.

“Once I had that 10,000 grains of rice counted out I knew how much it weighed,” Yang told Mashable in an email. “Then I multiplied it out to figure that Jeff Bezos’ approximate worth in rice was around 58 pounds.”

And the amount, was a lot more than you’d think.

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The hard work that went into this is probably a lot more than the visual representation of Jeff Bezos’ wealth. Yang posted an hour long video detailing his entire counting method.