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TikTok-er snatches food from strangers in a viral video

A TikTok user pushed the limits of mischief after she went around a shopping mall literally snatching away food out of people’s hands.

According to Fox News, social media blogger Kat Curtis filmed her antics at California’s Glendale Galleria shopping mall where she was seen grabbing fast food from random strangers while riding the escalator.

The short clips were posted as a series on the TikTok video-sharing platform.

As the prank went viral, Curtis posted a compilation of those clips on her official Twitter account.

The compilation video was Tweeted with “How to get free food at the mall,” written at its bottom.

At the beginning of the compilation, Curtis snatches a handful of French fries from an oblivious young man on the opposite escalator, who continues to stare at her in a state of shock for a good while.

Later on, in the subsequent parts, the mischievous lady directly bites mouthfuls of foods from two absolute strangers who were left both dumbfounded and amused at the outrageous practical joke.

@thekatcurtishow to get free food at the mall 😇

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Social media found the video hilarious .