Tiger trapped between river rocks dies in Chandrapur

A tiger, which was trapped between some rocks in a river in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district after getting injured died.

The mammal spent suspected to have received spinal injuries after jumping 35 feet off the bridge. She was found stranded between the rocks in Sirna river near Kunada village.

Efforts were made to rescue the feline, but it failed to enter the cage that was placed close by.

The tiger also received injuries to its teeth when it tried to pull the cage.

On Wednesday, the tiger killed a wild animal and rested for a while on the bridge before jumping into the river and apparently got injured. Forest officials reached the spot and launched a rescue operation but it was called off on Wednesday night due to poor light.

Some forest personnel were deployed to keep a watch on the tiger’s movements during the night.

The animal showed no signs of movement on Thursday morning after it was found dead in the river on Thursday morning. Her carcass was later fished out from the water.