Tiger peeks to see what humans do at coal mines

A tiger was seen near a mine in Telangana’s Komaram Bheem 306 km from state capital Hyderabad, on Wednesday.

Workers at the open cast mine who spotted the tiger near a village ran for cover.

A 46-second video shot by one of the persons who saw the tiger shows the big cat standing on a heap of mud. The tiger looks down at the person in the moving vehicle, staring straight into the camera.

There are no reports of anyone being injured by the tiger.

Forest officials are closely monitoring the area to track the tiger’s movement. Officials have set up cameras to track the tiger.

Komaram Bheem district is surrounded by forest area and is less than 3 hours from the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra and Telangana’s Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary. This area is home to some tigers that travel looking for prey.

In recent days, people had reported spotting a tiger drinking water at a river nearby. There were also separate reports of a bull and a cow being attacked and killed.