Thousands of Hong Kongers protest over shooting of teenager by police

Spontaneous rallies were conducted in Hong Kong in support of the teenage demonstrator who was shot by the police at point-blank range in the chest. The Hong Kong police have defended the shooting as “lawful and reasonable”.

The condition of the teenager remained in critical, while 30 others were also hospitalized after the clashes with police on Tuesday’s protests.

Large crowds of protesters including office workers in shirts and suits, gathered in a park and marched through the city’s commercial district in an unsanctioned rally on Wednesday, chanting anti-police and anti-government slogans.

Hundreds of people, wearing school uniforms or black t-shirts, also staged a sit-in outside the school attended by 18-year-old Tsang Chi-kin, who was shot in the chest as he and a group of masked protesters attacked officers with umbrellas and poles.

Tuesday’s protests witnessed the worst clashes of the summer and it also overshadowed China’s military parade as the country celebrated 70 years of Communist Party rule.

Schoolmates hold a vigil outside the hospital where the teenager is undergoing treatment