This restaurant charges customers 38 cents for asking ‘stupid questions’

A diner in Colorado, United States is making news for charging its customer for asking ‘stupid question’.

Tom’s diner, a restaurant in the neighbourhood of East Colfax in Denver, Colorado, levies a charge of 38 cents when customers ask stupid questions. Apparently, the rule has been in place ever since the diner opened back in 1999.

However, this hogged the limelight after a Reddit user posted the picture of the bill, highlighting the money charged for ‘Stupid Questions’. The bill listed ‘1 stupid question’ alongside an order of chicken tenders and mashed potatoes.

Diner’s General Manager Hunter Landry, nephew of Tom Messina (the Tom behind Tom’s diner), said that Tom included this option in the menu nearly 20 years ago. According to him, some of the stupid questions include, “Are there turkey club sandwich fees?” and “Does the ice contain water?”

A Reddit user also commented that the restaurant is going to shut down soon, saying that the owner sold the “property to a real estate developer for a boat ton.”

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