This labrador ate golf balls

Louis a crossbreed labrador started violently throwing up and lost a dramatic amount of weight, hence his owner Rebecca Miles took him to the vets.

The doctors who took an x-ray revealed to her that Louis has five spherical objects in his stomach. The doctors who operated on Louis thought that they were ping-pong balls, the surgery revealed that he had gulped down golf balls.

Lois was often taken for walks near a golf course, where he often found balls. On being asked Louis would gently put them away, but the owners never imagined that he swallowed some of them.

Rebecca noticed that her dog over the past few months remained sick, and maintained a strict diet. Only once the x-rays were taken did she think that Louis may have swallowed off some golf balls.

Five golf balls were removed, and he enroute of making a full recovery.

Rebecca said Louis was ‘starving’ as soon as the operation was over and that he wanted to ‘eat everything in sight’.

The vets who are from White Cross, described the case “most unusual (case) ever seen”.

Golf balls