This automobile fit a rooftop garden to beat the heat

An auto driver in Kolkata has come up with an extremely innovative plan to beat the summer heat. Bijay Pal, an auto driver has planted an entire garden at the top of his auto.

Not just grass, it also has small trees and shrubs.

The image of his auto has been going viral on Twitter shows, Bijay Pal, sitting in his green coloured auto with a ‘rooftop garden.’ His auto is actually a green auto and also runs on LPG.

With his daily rides, he spreading a message to “Save trees, save lives”.

Bijay Pal waters his rooftop garden every day and spends a major chunk of his earnings on his garden.

Well to beat the heat, most of the passengers would like to rent an Uber, however Bijay’s idea of keeping his auto cool is innovative and is winning the internet.