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This 22-year-old TikToker’s nose cannot be broken due to a ‘weird genetic mutation’

A 22-year-old has a genetic disorder that makes her nose pops right back when she squishes it.

Ella Ford-Amendolagi shared her bizarre condition on a TikTok video she made in response to a trend asking people to reveal their ‘weird genetic mutations’.

Ella explains that she has no cartilage in her nose, which makes it so squishy, and thus, cannot be broken.

Her TikTok video has gone viral and viewed more than four times and received thousands of comments.

One of the users suggests she should get into boxing/MMA.Another person wrote that the video ‘freaked him out at first’ but then he realised how cool and useful it was.

In a similar post shared on Reddit years ago, a man with the same condition had claimed that he has no cartilage in his nose and a doctor had explained the reason in the comments. Doctor wrote that he has cartilage in his nose or else it would not have a shape, collapsing on its own.

In a follow-up video responding to multiple questions about her nose, the 22-year-old Ella explained that she has a nasal bone. She is just ‘lacking in that structural cartilage that people do have.’ She added about having cartilage in her nose but ‘its just a more elastic type’.

One concerned user asked how things have been for her or if she had any nasal problems ever. He asks if anyone in her family has the same condition, to which she replied, “No nasal or breathing problems. Me, my dad and sisters all have this.”