Thieves in the Philly region are stealing giant Snoop Dogg bobbleheads

Thieves in the Philly region are going to stores and making off with the giant Snoop Dogg bobbleheads.

The bobbleheads feature the rapper smiling, flashing a peace sign and holding a bottle of Corona, part of the beermaker’s ad campaign.

Several figurines have been stolen in Thorndale and West Goshen Township in Chester County, as well as Northampton Township in Bucks County.

The Caln Township Police Department in a Facebook post said the bobblehead stolen from a Thorndale Giant store last Saturday is valued at $300, but the bobbling figures of Snoop Dogg’s likeness are being resold online for much more than that.

One listed on eBay for $1,300 is described as “rare not being sold in stores”

The CTPD posted a picture of a male suspect wearing a gray hoodie, shorts and sneakers, as well as a black baseball cap with a white “S” on it. He was wearing a face mask, but the department said he drove away in a red Toyota Corolla.

In West Goshen Township, police described the suspect as a white man between 5-feet, 10 inches and 6 feet tall. They said he also was wearing a black baseball cap with a white emblem on the front, long black shorts, black flip-flops and a white “Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness” t-shirt. He snatched the bobblehead from an ACME store on July 22.

In Northampton Township, police posted a photo of a man wearing a blue t-shirt as he walked out of a Richboro ACME while pushing a shopping cart carrying Snoop.