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Thief steals car with 4-year-old inside, drives back to return boy, scolds mother over her parenting skills

In a recent, rather bizarre motor vehicle theft incident in the United States, a burglar who stole a vehicle returned back as there was a child in the back seat and later reprimanded the mother about her parenting skills.

The carjacking incident occurred outside a grocery store in Beaverton, Oregon on January 16, The Oregonian reported.

The mother parked her car just outside the store’s front door and went inside to buy some milk and meat. However, she left the car running with her child in the backseat, local authorities said.

She was never more than 15 feet away from the car, but she made a cardinal mistake of leaving her vehicle running and unlocked.

The suspect happened to walk by and noticed the car running without the driver. He instantly hopped in and drove away, only to realize minutes later that there was a four-year-old occupant in the back seat.

He drove back to the parking area, reuniting the child with the mother, but not before reprimanding her and demanded she takes the child out of the backseat. He then drove off once again with the vehicle, Beaverton Police reported.

The thief identified to be in his 20s or 30s, hopped in the car, drove it, realized there was a 4-year-old inside, and drove back. “He ordered her to take the child out of the car and then drove away again,” Officer Matt Henderson, Beaverton Police, spokesperson told CNN.

He further added that they are thankful to the thief who ‘had the decency’ to turn back and reunite the little one with his mother.

Officer Henderson, termed the incident as ‘a crime of opportunity’ and said what the mother did was not a crime, as ‘she was within sight and sound of her child.’ He urged others not to leave their cars running and unlocked especially when there are children involved.

‘It’s a good reminder to take extra precaution when we have our little ones with us,’ he added.

The police recovered the car  in Portland a few hours later, but the suspect is on the run.