Thief Lost His Gun Had To Run

A student in Delhi foiled a robbery attempt by a man at gunpoint. The incident occurred on early sunday morning at  Delhi’s Shahdara area.

The student was Karan Chowdhary, he was praised for his bravery to fight the robber. Karan left for his institute at 6:00 am in the morning and stopped his bike midway to fill petrol. After filling petrol, on leaving the petrol pump, in a few meters he was stopped by a miscreant  with an armed gun asking for his motorbikes keys.

The Delhi student refused to surrender his bike, he instead ran back to the petrol pump asking for help. The workers at the petrol pump refused to help, and locked themselves up in a room within the pumps premises.

Then Karan took a brave decision to fight the robber all alone. During his fight with the armed robber Karan snathced his gun. The thief on losing his gun had no choice but to run away.