Theresa May Survived No-Confidence Motion

UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May survived the no-confidence motion last evening.  Rebel Tory MPs and DUP who voted against her Brexit deal 24 hours prior backed her government.

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn argued that Mrs May’s “zombie” administration had lost the right to govern. The PM won by a narrow margin of 19 votes. A total of 325 MPs rejected the no-confidence motion, and 306 voted in favour of it.

All the opposition parties voted against the Prime Minister.

In her address Theresa May said she would continue to work towards delivering on the referendum the British people voted for in 2016. She invited all parties to individual meetings to find what deal would the parliament endorse.

The MPs who met May on Wednesday had asked for an extension of the article 50, to rule out a no deal Brexit and hope for a second referendum.

The Prime Minister would let the parliament know her plan B on Brexit coming Monday after her deal was defeated in the Parliament.