The world’s oldest balloon stays fully-inflated for nearly 30 years

A man from the United Kingdom has claimed to be the owner of the world’s oldest fully-inflated balloon given to him by his grandmother about 30 years ago.

Ryan Harrison, 28, was given the foil ‘It’s a Boy’ balloon from his grandmother Josephine, now 82, when he was born in Oxford in 1992.

The inflatable balloon features a picture of a bear and is designed by brand Forever Friends and was re-discovered when his parents were trawling through old boxes.

Harrison who runs a car dealing firm said: ‘I have taped it up to stop anything from happening to it. I’m hoping it can get to my 50th birthday.’

He supposedly overtook the previous oldest balloon that remained inflated for 26 years.

Jordan Lynam, from Birmingham, previously held the title after his balloon, again given as a gift to mark his birth, remained inflated through three house moves and countless cigarette ends being dropped on it.