The Jonas Brothers Release Single “Sucker”

The Jonas brothers are back. The siblings Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas released “Sucker,” their first track in six years on Friday midnight.

The single came along with music video that featured appearance from Kevin, Joe and Nick along with their ladies Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner.

The set up for the music video is some alliance in wonderland fantasy around a castle.

The pop song is about the Jonas brothers being head-over-heels in their relationships.

The opening scene of the video features the three Jonas brothers in their bright and dazzling attire. Throughout the video each couple gets a fair share of screen space before they all come together as a group.

Jonas family

In 2013, the Jonas brothers split and both Nick and Joe pursued solo careers while brother Kevin got into real estate development.

The Jonas Brothers broke billboard records after they went on to release four full-length album – It’s About Time (2006), Jonas Brothers, (2007), A Little Bit Longer (2008) and Lines, Vines and Trying Times (2009).

Their new pop single reunites them after long 6 years.