The Government of the United States Shuts Down

The United States government went into a shut down since early Saturday 22nd December 2018. The Congress failed to approve Trump’s demand for the US$ 5 billion Mexico wall.

The Democratic party opposed the funding of the wall.

Mr. Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign throughout saw a mention of a wall between the US-Mexico borders, this to prevent illegal immigration, drugs and criminals.

The Republicans are likely to negotiate with the Democrats on this. Democrats have stood against the idea of a cement barrier between the two North American nations, it had asked for lighter options of using barb wire fencing techniques instead.

President Trump needs to change his plans as he is 9 votes short at the Senate, he needs 60 votes but his party’s strength is just 51.

This is the third shutdown for 2018, and is likely to extend upto early next year.

What happens in a Shut Down?

Nine of the 15 federal departments, including State, Homeland Security, Transportation, Agriculture and Justice began partially shutting down after funding for them lapsed.

Thousands of federal employees will have to work unpaid or are furloughed, a kind of temporary leave.

  • Customs and border staff at airports will receive a delayed pay, but airports will continue operating.
  • 80% national park employees will be sent home. Some parks might shut down temporarily.
  • 90% of housing departments will take leave, delaying processing of new loans.
  • Internal Revenue Assist (IRS) will be sent on a leave.

The remaining 75% of the US government is funded upto September 2019. The defence, veterans affairs, labour and education departments will not be affected.