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The G20 Awkward Moments

The G20 held in Buenos Aires, Argentina had quite a few awkward moments. Yes, President Trump and President Putin were a part of most of them. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel was a close second.

She and President Trump were clicked as Putin stared straight through.


Trump Caught Cheating

President Trump holded a trilateral meeting with Mexico and Canada. The three leaders assembled before the media to sign the new free trade agreement.

President Trump was unaware where to sign, he was seen sneaking into both the leaders to learn.

Hosts Left Alone

The President of the Argentina Mr. Macri was left stranded on the dias as US President Donald Trump walked away.  Macri appearing to call Trump, for the G20 family photo, but Trump misunderstood and walked away.

Argentine President Macri  wanted Trump to remain on the stage as they awaited other world leaders for an official members’ ‘family photograph’.

The Handshake

The Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman shared a joke at the G20 summit. Both the leaders laughing wholeheartedly, took seats next to each other.

This handshake has shaken the internet, and the media termed it a “Bloody Handshake”.

You can see President Donald Trump entire the room in the background in the video.

Angela Merkel going through notes

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel was caught studying about the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, minutes before their meeting.

Merkel was reading a briefing note about Mr Morrison, it also carried his image. Scott Morrison is the 5th Prime Minister since 2013.

People in the room were quite amused , both governments denied that the incident was embarrassing for either nation.

The Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said, “It was common for such briefing notes to feature a picture alongside a biography”.

President Trump was briefed by the Prime Minister himself on the political crisis in Australia.