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The Accidental Prime Minister -Facts vs Propaganda

The movie on former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, The Accidental Prime Minister hit theaters today. The movie is based on the book The Accidental Prime Minister, written by Sanjay Baru.

Anupam Kher has mastered the look, walk and talking styles of Dr. Singh in the movie. However the movie seems nothing but a propaganda film ahead of the 2019 general elections. Reviews suggest the movie diverted from the book completely, and has botched up facts.

Here is a break up of the film and the book —

1. “Masterstroke”

Film – In the movie Former Prime Minister Vajpayee called Manmohan Singh’s swearing ceremony a “Masterstroke”.

Book – This statement finds no mention in Sanjay Baru’s book.

2. On Rahul Gandhi’s during 2009 campaign

Film – Sanjay Baru played by Akshay Khanna was heard saying “This election is beyond Rahul Gandhi’s capability”.

Book– This statement again finds no mention in the book.

3. Ahmed Patel as villain

Film – The conversation Congress senior leader Ahmed Patel and Baru, Patel says “You can’t win the battle with a wooden sword, He can’t even balance a cycle how will he handle the media?”.

Book – There is no negative portrayal of Patel in the book. In Fact Sanjay Baru says he had limited interactions with Patel, and whenever he met him interaction were warm and friendly.

4. Manmohan Singh’s knowledge on the book

Film– Dr. Singh reel character played by Anupam Kher asks Baru if he was writing a book on him.

Book – The book has acknowledged that Dr. Singh was unaware of his book until it was published.

5. Singh as liability to the party

Film -Sanjay Baru is heard saying that the party sees Manmohan Singh as liability.

Book– There is one mention of the term liability in the book quoted from a foreign analyst. However the movie creates a drama over this, depicting a heroic swearing of Baru to save Dr. Singh which is out of proportion.

6. Manmohan’s wife on loving the book

Film – The former PM’s wife Gursharan says Dr. Singh was reading the book and he loves it.

Book – There is no mention of this in the book.