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Thailand man takes injured cockroach to the vet for treatment, wins praise

It is pretty common for people to kill or hurt insects, especially cockroaches. But when a man in Thailand spotted an injured cockroach, he took it to the vet for treatment.

A Facebook post shared by a doctor has raised many eyebrows after he shared details about his unusual patient Dr Thanu Limpapattanawanich is a veterinarian hailing from Krathum Baen in Thailand, who was visited by a man carrying a cockroach to the hospital for emergency care.

In the post the man supposedly witnessed someone stepping on the poor insect on the roadside and instead of leaving it there to die; he brought it to avail medical care at the Sai Rak Animal Hospital.

Translated from Thai, Dr Thanu also shared two photographs showing an unidentified man wearing a black shirt, who brought in the hurt roach.

The vet added that symptoms are “50/50” and applauded the man’s gesture. He stated that this is not a joke but shows compassion and empathy for the said man. Noting that every life is precious, Dr Thanu added that he wished there were more kind people like him in the world.

The doctor didn’t charge the man any fee for consultation and allowed him to take the insect with him. The unique story has won hundreds of hearts who praised the said man for his goodwill action.