Thailand: British man dies inside massage parlour after falling asleep and choking experience

A British man has reportedly died inside a Thai massage parlour after falling asleep and choking during the experience.

Police arrived at the ‘Lovely Massage’ shop in Bang Lamung, Pattaya City in Thailand to find John Swain, 70, had died, according to Newsflare reports.

He was pronounced dead at the scene before his body was moved to a hospital.

Mr Swain had reportedly removed his clothes and was being rubbed by a masseuse named ‘Miss Oraya’, 39, shortly after 3:00pm.

Oraya told reporters: ‘Everything was going normally then I noticed he was sleeping,’ she said.

‘Suddenly he started struggling to breathe. He was gasping and choking.’

‘I called the other girls for help and we started pumping his heart.’

Staff covered his body with a towel when it became clear they could not revive him.

When police arrived they searched the parlour for signs of foul play but did not find any, according to reports.

Pattaya city has struggled in recent years to clean up its image of the destination as a place for sex tourism.