Thai woman dies of ‘electric shock’ while playing video game on charging smartphone

A 54-year-old woman in Thailand died after getting electrocuted from her new phone while charging it.

The woman has been identified as Yooyen Saenprasert, a resident of Udon Thani province in northeastern Thailand. She received the said smartphone as a birthday gift two days before from her husband Praiwan Saenprasert.

Her husband found her lifeless body on her bed by her husband with burn marks, possible by electrocution, on her hands.

Mr Saenprasert told reporters that his wife spent most of her evenings playing video games on her phone but they didn’t expect such dire consequences of doing that while charging the phone.

On May 6 Praiwan Saenprasert had been out all day fishing. When he returned that evening he found his wife unconscious with burns on her hands. The phone was being charged and the charging cable was resting on her arm which was plugged into the switch.

Despite efforts by paramedics to revive her, it is claimed that she had been dead for more than four hours before her body was found by the husband.

The couple didn’t have any children.