Texas woman accused local government of shutting down her home-daycare over noise complaints from nearby golfers

A woman has accused the Lakeway local government of shutting down her at-home daycare after receiving noise complaints from nearby golfers, including the city’s former mayor.

Attorneys for Bianca King, a single mother of two, said in a complaint filed in Travis County Court that their client’s at-home daycare has faced complaints despite being inspected and approved by the state of Texas.

The lawyers allege in the lawsuit that three golfers, including former Lakeway Mayor Joe Bain, complained to the city that toys were visible in King’s backyard and that noise from the daycare was distracting from their rounds of golf.

King said that she never personally received any complaints about noise from her daycare.

Following the complaints to the city, however, King was told she would need to get a “home occupation” permit to continue operating, according to the lawsuit.

King, who according to her lawsuit opened the daycare to watch over her neighbors’ children in January 2021 after being laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic, said seeking a permit was a five-month ordeal with two public hearings.

According to the lawsuit, Bain spoke out against the daycare at the first public hearing with the city’s Zoning and Planning Commission.

“There are gonna be toys out there, and they’re right on the golf course… When you walk by, drive by, you can see the kids out playing there, which is fine but there is a noise issue,” he said, according to the lawsuit.

King is seeking $1 in damages and has asked the court to allow her daycare to remain open.