Texas Naval base shooter ‘neutralized’

The U.S. Navy said that an active shooter at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas was “neutralized” early Thursday (May 21) morning.

The base was put on lockdown after there were reports of shots fired around 6:15 a.m. CT near the north gate.

“If you are in or near the North Gate get out and away to safety,” the base posted on Facebook. “Execute lockdown procedures — remain indoors and away from windows.”

Authorities said one member of the Naval Security Forces was injured in the shooting but did not release information about the extent of their injuries.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is on the scene working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the FBI, and local law enforcement.

The deceased suspect was a 20-year-old male named Adam Alsahli of Corpus Christi, according to two law enforcement sources familiar with the ongoing investigation. Alsahli drove to an entrance at the naval station and shot a security forces member in the chest, hitting the guard in her bulletproof vest and inflicting non-life-threatening injuries, according to one of the sources.

Alsahli then accelerated towards the gate entrance and crashed into a barrier. After exiting the vehicle, he began shooting, and was shot and killed by naval security forces.

Following the suspect’s death, law enforcement bomb technicians cleared his body and vehicle, but found no explosive devices, one of the sources said.

A preliminary law enforcement investigation into the shooter has identified him as a US resident who was originally born in Syria, and likely a supporter of Salafi-jihadist ideology, according to one of the sources.

Officials have identified various social media accounts, which initial reports indicate are likely associated with the shooter, the source said. Online postings by these accounts expressed support for ISIS and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the source said.

For now, federal investigators have not observed any claims of responsibility for the attack on online platforms used by terrorist groups, one of the sources said.

Although investigators have not currently discovered any information indicating Alsahli was inspired by, or connected to, the December 2019 terrorist attack on Naval Air Station Pensacola, one of the sources said this remains a key line of inquiry for investigators, especially due to the recent announcement by the Justice Department that the Pensacola shooter had terrorist ties.

FBI officials said earlier the shooting was terror-related.

Authorities previously said a shooter had been “neutralized,” but there may be a second person of interest still at large, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent Leah Greeves said during a short press briefing. The agent did not provide additional information.