Tesla driver arrested after cops spot him driving Tesla on autopilot from backseat

A Tesla driver in California was arrested after he was snapped driving down sitting at the backseat of his ‘autopilot’ car.

The Golden Gate division of the California Highway Patrol arrested 25-year-old Param Sharma for ‘reckless driving’ and disobeying the police officer. His Tesla car was also towed as evidence for the investigation.

On May 10, Sharma was snapped sitting at the backseat of his Tesla as he drove the Model 3 without anyone at the driver seat.

While the Tesla cars come loaded with the feature of autopilot, the feature is still not full proof and requires someone to be seated at the driving seat for supervision in case of emergency during the drive.

Tesla’s website clearly mentions someone to be seated at the driving seat for using the autopilot feature. However, Sharma reportedly flouted this requirement and sat at the backseat of the car while driving on the road.

Sharma was snapped putting on a broad grin while looking at the camera from his half-lowered window of the car.