Tesla car smashes into overturned truck in Taiwan, triggering debate on autopilot mode

A Tesla Model 3 recently crashed into an overturned truck on a highway in Taiwan on Monday. CCTV cameras captured the car failing to stop and ramming into the overturned truck o the road.

The incident has triggered a debate on social media on the safety of its autopilot mode after the video went viral.

The video shows the Tesla zooming in full speed before ramming into the truck that was lying overturned on the road even as other vehicles around slow down.

The driver, Huang, did not suffer any injuries, the Fox News reported. He said the car was in autopilot mode and was speeding at around 110 kilometers per hour when in smashed into the truck, adding that he pressed the breaks manually upon seeing the truck, but it was too late by then. The driver also said the car was on autopilot mode but did not have the Full Self-Driving feature switched on.

The 21-second-long clip has been viewed over two lakh times and has triggered may reactions online. People are once again debating about the safety concerns of the autopilot mode and self-driving features in Tesla cars.