Terrorists mobs assault senior citizen for selling beef in Assam

A Muslim man was abused, heckled and beaten up for selling beef in Assam’s Biswanath district on Sunday.

The police have detained five accused after the video showed the man on his knees in deep slush.

The man going by the name Shaukat Ali and is 68, was beaten on the road and was forced to eat pork as punishment by locals. Ali is currently being treated at a government hospital for the injuries sustained during the assault.

As per the district police, two separate First Information Reports (FIR) were filed, one of them is by Shaukat Ali’s brother. The police have started an investigation and are on the lookout for the men seen in the video.

The terrorist mob, while threatening Shaukat Ali, asked him if he had licence to sell beef and whether he was from Bangladesh.

Goons among the terrorist mob can be heard in the video asking, “Are you Bangladeshi? Is your name in the NRC (National Register of Citizens)?”

The state of Assam is implementing the National Register of Citizens (NRC) to send back illegal citizens. When a draft was published last year over 40 lakh people’s name were missing in the record.

The BJP in its manifesto said it “will expeditiously complete” the NRC on priority. The party also said that it would implement NRC in a phased manner across the country.

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Opinion : Nikhil Kukreja

The rogue elements who exhibit such behaviour are the real illegal citizens, no society should have place for such terrorists and hate mongers. In a way the ruling government has been promoting such kind of hate crimes against minorities.

The prime minister mixed religion with terrorism, and last week called Hindu terrorism a hoax, so Mr. Modi who are these lynching terrorists mobs?

Generally around the world Man is on top of the food chain pyramid, in India it’s the cow. Rogue elements who have so  much love for the grazing animal, need to introspect as to why are cows are let loose on the streets grazing from garbage.