Telangana: Police constable overseeing rescue operations dies after slipping off bridge

A man died on Sunday in a road accident in Telangana’s Karimnagar. A police constable, who was deployed in the area to manage traffic, was also killed after he went to oversee the accident.

The accident happened on the outskirts of Karimnagar when a car plunged off the Manair bridge. The driver of the car, G Srinivas, died on the spot and his wife suffered serious injuries in the accident. She has now been rushed to the hospital.

The car was heading towards Alugunur from Karimnagar town when the accident took place. Soon after the accident, a huge crowd gathered at the bridge while the administration started the rescue and relief operation.

Chandrasekhar, the police constable, was killed after he went to oversee the accident. He slipped off the bridge as he looked over the rescue operations.

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