Teens who stole car with owner’s children still inside face kidnapping charges

Two minor boys were charged with kidnapping and aggravated theft of a vehicle after they stole a car from a Birmingham home with two kids still inside on Sunday.

The kidnappers were only 15-years-old.

Additionally, one of the boys, who was driving the stolen vehicle, has extra charges. He has been accused of dangerous driving, driving without a license, and driving without insurance.

The car-owner and father of the kidnapped kids contacted the police immediately after the car was driven off his property.

The kids stranded inside the vehicle were two and four years old.

Emergency services rocked in motion immediately after the call as two young children were at risk of harm.

Dog units, traffic and fire department, West Midland police emergency response team, and a helicopter for aerial view were dispatched to pursue the car thieves and child abductors.

The car was finally spotted going wrong-way on a road and armed officers intercepted the vehicle.

Amazingly enough, the whole search and rescue was finished within fifteen minutes of the distress call raised by the father, according to Daily Mail.

No one were injured in the incident.

In a similar incident in Oregon a while ago, a car thief accidentally stole a car with a toddler in the back seat. He returned back to berate the mother for reckless parenting instead. After teaching her a parenting lesson, he stole the car once again and drove away.