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Teenager dies after falling from the roof while being chased by a troop of monkeys

A 13-year-old girl died after she fell from the roof of her house after being chased by a troop of monkeys in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The incident occurred in the Muzaffarnagar district.

According to the police, the girl, a student of class 8, had gone to the roof to remove dry clothes when she was chased by monkeys at Nolly village.

In an attempt to escape the monkeys, the girl ran and ended up falling down from the roof. The girl succumbed to her injuries and was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.

This is not the first time that monkeys have proved to be a menace in Muzaffarnagar. In November last year, a four-month-old baby had been killed after a monkey dropped a stone from the terrace of a building in Muzaffarnagar. The stone hit the baby’s head while he was with his parents on the ground floor.