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Teenager crashes car into Abraham Lincoln’s ancestral house after squirrel comes in front of her Audi Q7

A teenage driver in the United States ended up crashing her Audi Q7 car into a house as she tried to save a squirrel that came across the road while driving.

The house the woman crashed into was a historic home that belonged to the 16th US president Abraham Lincoln’s ancestors in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Pictures showed her vehicle’s front part inside one of the rooms of the house, causing quite a bit of destruction.

In a press release the Hingham Police Department said that the occupants inside the house and the driver were not injured.

The statement further mentioned that the driver said she swerved the vehicle to avoid a squirrel in the road and drove off to the right side of the road. The vehicle ran over the sidewalk, and into the front of the house as the woman swerved the steering wheel to save the squirrel.

The police also said that half of the car entered the home. The driver was a 19-year-old woman, who was alone in the car. The police also issued a citation for failing to stay in marked lanes.

The house where the car crashed has been identified as Samuel Lincoln Cottage. The cottage was built in 1650 and a few modifications and changes were made through 1740.

The ancestral cottage of the former US president is a historically significant and “very important” house in Hingham.

The administrator of the Hingham Historical Commission pointed out that the house has a preservation restriction on it held by the nonprofit Historic New England, protecting the house from any significant changes inside or outside.