Teenager breaks into home of girl he befriended on Instagram; steals gold, valuables worth $20,000

In a shocking incident a 19-year-old youth was arrested for burgling a girl’s house after making her acquaintance on Instagram.

The incident occurred in India’s financial capital city, Mumbai.

The accused Shaizaan Agwan, had met the teenage girl, daughter of a chartered accountant, through the online photo-sharing platform Instagram.

After becoming friends with the girl, he broke into her residence last week when the girl and her family were on a week-long vacation.

During the break-in, the teenager managed to steal gold ornaments and valuables worth INR ₹1.4 million (approx USD $20,000). He also stole an iPhone and some cash that was lying in the family safe.

The family only found out about the theft on January 27 after they returned from their vacation. A police case was filed.

The culprit was caught after the police convinced the family to convince the girl to confide in them. After denying any involvement in the beginning, the girl eventually ended up confessing how she met Agwan and that she had even left a duplicate house key with him.

Following the confession, Agwan was arrested from Mazagaon where he resides. An iPhone and INR ₹100,000 cash have so far been recovered.