Teenage girl threatens to ‘shoot 400 people for fun’ arrested, charged for making terror threat

Police arrest a teenager  with a semi-automatic rifle after she allegedly threatened to target her former high school and “shoot 400 people for fun.”

Alexis Wilson, an 18-year-old teenager was arrested at her home after allegedly telling coworkers at a pizza restaurant in McAlester, Oklahoma, about 90 miles south of Tulsa, that she purchased a new AK-47 and had the urge to shoot people.

The coworkers reported Wilson’s comments after she left, claiming she had showed them videos and images of her firing the rifle and noted that “there were so many people” at McAlester High School, where she previously attended, that she would like to shoot

Officers with the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office said they found the rifle in Wilson’s bedroom, as well as a 12-gauge shotgun, six high-capacity magazines and rounds of ammunition. She was charged with a felony for making a terrorist threat against the school.

Officials at McAlester High School said Wilson dropped out during her freshman year and had previously been suspended for bringing a knife to school and having a swastika symbol on her belongings.

Wilson told police that she had recently completed a program at a camp for troubled youth and tried to enroll back into McAlester High School, but they didn’t allow her back.

Investigators said she seemed “very upset” about not being allowed to return to school.