Teen thief breaks into house to enjoy two bottles of champagne

In Mumbai’s posh Marine Drive locality, a thief entered a businessman’s house but instead of leaving with valuables he sat down and enjoyed two bottles of champagne.

The man, identified as 19-year-old Sanjiv Verma, broke into the flat on the third floor through the balcony and drank almost two bottles of champagne. Police said he then got knocked out and dozed off on the couch.

According to Mumbai Mirror report, Verma broke into the house of businessman Siddhant Saboo’s house in Girikunj building on Wednesday night.

Saboo who owns a flat in the Girikunj building had recently purchased a second apartment on the same floor. He had shifted just a few household items to his new flat. It was this new apartment that the thief targeted.

Saboo’s domestic help spotted a light of the new flat turned on the next day. He informed Saboo and when they broke open the lock and found the thief lying on the couch.

The police arrived at the scene and woke Verma up. A police officer said he must have planned to flee after drinking, but blacked out.

Verma was arrested and produced in court on Thursday which has sent him to police custody. The report said he is a repeat offender and there is an robbery complaint filed against him at Andheri police station too.

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