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Teen hacked Apple hoping the iPhone maker would offer him a job

A teen from Melbourne hacked Apple and pleaded guilty while admitting that he hoped this would land him a job at the iPhone maker. The teen heard that Apple hired a European who’d done the same thing, and had assumed that a job was waiting for him the moment he was discovered. However, the law enforcement agencies took him to task.

The teen won’t face any jail term or conviction, however he’s on a US$ 500 good behavior bond for nine months.

The magistrate in the case believed that the teen had been using his technological powers for good and hoped to study digital security and criminology at university, and wasn’t relishing the thought of a hacking conviction staining his record.

Once Apple detected the breach it contacted FBI which in turn notified the Australian Federal Police. However, Apple did not comment on the case, but reassured users that no one’s personal data were exposed.

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