Teachers banned from telling students ‘good, bad or labelling them naughty for their behavior’

Teachers at a school in England have been banned from telling students that they’re ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and naughty behaviour re-labelled ‘unskilful’.

The staff at the Loughborough Amherst School in Leicestershire have been told by the headteacher to change their language as a way to “take the emotional heat” out of discipline.

When students behave well they’ll be told they’re ‘skilful’ instead.

“I don’t want teachers to be soft, I also don’t want them to be shouty and make pupils feel guilty,” Head Dr Julian Murphy said.

Dr Murphy, who took the school’s new terminology from Buddhism, says the word ‘unskilful’ shows “concern” rather than “anger”.

He said: “You’re not really angry with them.

“Your action is actually much more one of concern.

“That’s because they’re behaving in an extremely unskilful way, which is going to negatively affect their life chances and possibly those of people around them.”