Tattoo freak surgically removes his nose to resemble a ‘human Satan’

A man shocked the world by sharing an image of himself without a nose on social media.

44-year-old, Michel Faro do Prado, a tattoo artist in Brazil got his nose surgically removed in an attempt to become the ‘human Satan’.

Where used to be a peak of muscles and tissues is now a glaring hole. According to his wife, he is only the third person in the world to undergo this procedure.

Prado has undergone several procedures over the years for body modification.

Body modification is a process of deliberately altering the body’s anatomy. While there are ample risks involved with modifications like these, both immediate and long-term, those like Prado don’t care much about the consequences.

Despite being a tattoo artist himself he has never inked his own body. He has tattoo artist friends, and his wife who is a professional body modifier, work on him like a human canvas.

Most of his body is covered in blackwork tattoos, including his face. He’s had several implants, including on his head, to make him appear like the devil.

He enlisted a dentist to help him create chiselled teeth, another attempt to resemble the popular illustrations of Lucifer.