Tamil Nadu cops launch manhunt to find man who was discharged due to clerical error

Police in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu are looking for a man from Delhi who was discharged after he tested negative for COVID-19 due to a “clerical error”. The man has gone missing from Villupuram district and a massive search is on to find him, the police said.

He was discharged on Tuesday as test results showed him negative. The authorities later desperately wanted him and three others who were discharged to be readmitted. While three were brought back to the isolation ward, the man from Delhi is still missing.

“We are not clear if successive tests showed different results for them or there was any clerical error that led to the confusion,” a police officer was quoted by NDTV.

Reports said the police have shared a photo of the missing man to trace him.

Earlier this week, the authorities at Stanley Medical College Hospital in Chennai were blamed for a lapse after they handed over the body of a COVID-19 patient, who died before test results came, to his family.

Unaware of the danger, at least 50 people had attended the funeral, exposing themselves to possible COVID-19 infection. Although the authorities say the family was alerted and told to follow guidelines, the family denied that claim.

India reported at least 5,979 coronavirus cases including 183 deaths.