Taliban conducts ‘targeted door-to-door visits’ searching for opponents and their families: UN document

The Taliban is going house-to-house searching for opponents and their families, according to a United Nations threat assessment report, deepening fears that Afghanistan‘s new rulers are planning revenge.

The Taliban has been conducting “targeted door-to-door visits” of people who worked with US and NATO forces, according to the confidential document by the UN’s threat assessment consultants, AFP news agency reported.

The report, written by the Norwegian Center for Global Analyses, said the group’s fighters were also screening people on the way to Kabul airport.

“They are targeting the families of those who refuse to give themselves up, and prosecuting and punishing their families ‘according to Sharia law’,” Christian Nellemann, the group’s executive director said.

“We expect both individuals previously working with NATO and US forces and their allies, alongside with their family members to be exposed to torture and executions.”

The Taliban has denied such accusations in the past and has several times issued statements saying fighters were barred from entering private homes.

Tens of thousands of people have tried to flee Afghanistan since the Taliban swept into the capital. The US on Thursday said it had airlifted about 9,000 people out of Kabul since August 14.

Chaos erupted at the airport this week, as frantic Afghans searched for a way to leave the country.