Taliban attack “destroys” hospital in Afghanistan, dozens killed and scores injured

At least 20 people were killed after a truck packed with explosives was detonated by Taliban militants outside a hospital in southern Afghanistan.

The Taliban attacked the Qalat city, and many of the victims are supposedly doctors, nurses and patients.

A senior defence ministry official in Kabul told Reuters news agency the “huge” bomb had been carried by a “mini-truck” before it was detonated near the hospital in Qalat.

It was the main health facility in Zabul province, the Governor, Rahmatullah Yarmal said it had been completely “destroyed”.

The Taliban have said they were targeting government intelligence offices, next door to the hospital.

The final death toll from Thursday morning’s attack is still unclear. Zabul’s deputy governor said 20 were confirmed dead, with some 90 injured.

Ambulances have been ferrying casualties to hospital in the neighbouring province of Kandahar.

The Taliban attacks have peaked in recent months, in August alone an average of 74 people were killed every day. There was almost the possibility of a peace deal, but the Taliban were using suicide attacks and explosions as means to up their bargain game.

Early this month U.S. President Donald Trump pulled out of the agreement after a Taliban attack in Kabul killed a US soldier and 11 others.

The national elections that are due end of this month, is also another reason why Taliban have been pushing terror attacks.

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